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Subject: Re: ++ Debugging ACR 3.x Installation Problems ++


I'm sorry for short-handing things. Let me be clearer. I have gone back to step one and, sure enough, something weird is going on. There were two incidences of Camera Raw in About Plug-Ins. One was 3.1 and one was 3.0. (AGAIN, Photoshop and Raw were able to read my D2X files--but Bridge was confused when it came to reading the thumbnails.)

So, I searched for all Camera Raw.8bi files on my computer. I put a tilde in front of EVERY single Camera Raw.8bi file, and I even put my CAB files in the recycle bin, just so that wouldn't confuse matters. Nevertheless, when I open up CS2, About Plug-Ins still shows that Camera Raw is present, and it is ACR 3.0. (The ACR 3.1 did disappear because of my tildes.) How can this be happening? Could there be a hidden version of ACR 3.0 somewhere that my computer can't see? How is Photoshop CS2 seeing it? I'm guessing that my problems will be fixed once I find this renegade version of ACR 3.0.

Mark Metts


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