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Subject: Re: DNG Recover Edges

Nice one.
I dropped a few, one by one and checked that all was ok, and the recovered edges seemed all fine.
So I decided to drop the entire content of a folder onto the app. 260 DNGs.
It asked me to click OK (or press enter) for each one of them so I kept pressing enter for a while. Thanks god it was not a 2000 images folder.

Would be great if the program could confirm all changes at the end (giving a list, a log, or just saying how many files were succesfuly processed) instead.

Maybe it's just a curiosity to play with a few images and I was not supposed to do that...

Finally it made me laugh. Thanks Thomas.

Just one thing: Iview MediaPro was showing me the full size of the DNGs before in the info panel of the images. I was wondering this as ACR would open just the specified size. Now I know.



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