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Subject: Re: D2Hs RAW format

Does anyone know if there are plans to update Adobe Camera Raw in Photoshop
CS to accept the D2Hs RAW format?

No, there are definitely no such "plans". On the contrary, it has been stated by Adobe on numerous occasions that there will be no further updates to the ACR Plug-In that works with Photoshop 8 ("CS"). ACR 2.4 is the last version that will work with CS.

Or am I required to update CS to CS2 in order to read the D2Hs RAW files
in Adobe?

There is a workaround: You can download the current version of the free DNG Converter and convert your D2Hs RAW files to DNG files first. Then you can open those DNG files in ACR 2.4 running CS.


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