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Subject: Re: Correcting Vignetting

Procedure for Determining Correct Vignette Correction Settings

1. Take test pictures of an evenly lit plain piece of paper (or wall)
a. [Use a tripod if it helps]
b. Fill the frame with the paper (or wall)
c. Defocus to the max
d. Take pictures from the widest aperture to the smallest in the smallest steps your camera will allow.

2. One by one, open the images in ACR starting with the widest aperture
a. Use the White Balance Tool to make the paper white
b. Use the Color Sampler Tool to make 4-5 sample points from the middle of the image to a corner
c. Note the sample point values
d. Select the Lens tab
e. Adjust the Amount watching the sample point values trying to get the center point as close as possible to the corner point
f. Adjust the Midpoint to get the remaining sample points as close as possible to the center and corner points.
g. Repeat steps e and f as needed.
h. Note the final Vignetting Amount and Midpoint for this lens / aperture

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