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Subject: Re: Color shift in ACR v3.3


Thanks for the ISO tip. It worked, but as you might imagine, I'm less than pleased
about the prospect of having to shoot everything at ISO 200.
Time to upgrade the camera...
However, after recently shelling out some pretty big coin on a new Mac G5 and
Adobe's CS2 Premium Suite, my budget is tapped for a while.
So for now, I guess I'm "stuffed".

P.S. I checked out your web site. You say you're an amateur photographer?
You shoot as well as a lot of the pros I've known over the years. NICE WORK.
I shot professionally for 15+ years in the advertising world (yes, satan now
owns my soul), so I've been around a bit.

Also, I noticed you said Michael Reichmann is a friend of yours. I'm a big fan
of his web site. Best camera reviews I've found on the web.

Thanks again for the info,


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