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Subject: Re: Color shift in ACR v3.3

Hey Bill,

Yah, that's some spike isn't it?
To answer your question: No, there aren't ANY green areas in the photo.
The only green in the shot is the green that showed up (uninvited) in the
white pants. As you noted it's just shy of the highlight.
I've done some experimenting with the camera (Canon 10D), and found
that if I expose to let the white areas of an image approach a pure white
i.e. RGB-255, then when I run the RAW file through ACR, I get this
green "artifact" in the white areas just under pure white.
I've also run this particular RAW file through Bibble Pro and Adobe Lightroom
RAW converters. Same result in all 3 RAW converters, the dreaded green spike.
So, at this point I'm thinkin' camera issue.
The only hole in that theory is the fact that I don't get the green artifacts when
I use Photoshop CS ACR v2.0

I'm stumped...


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