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Subject: Re: Color shift in ACR v3.3


Again, thanks for the feedback.

New question. How's your knowledge concerning ACR's calibrate section?
The reason I ask is because when I'm in the calibrate section of ACR v3.3,
the Camera Profile window at the top shows ACR 2.4, and there are no other
options in the pulldown menu.
Can you give me any info on the Camera Profile window?

Also, I've done some more experimenting and found that the green hue issue
only shows up in white areas if I expose to make them a pure white or close to it.
In other words, if I expose so that the white areas are above say, R-245, G-245, B-245.
If I drop the exposure (when shooting) to keep the white areas down around
R-220, G-220, B-220, then I don't get the green "spike" in ACR 3.3.

The problem I have is that it isn't always practical to shoot under-exposed like that.
And in situations where I don't have full control over lighting, there will be times when
I will have to deal with highlights that are going to go pure white and then I'm back to
dealing with the dreaded green cast in the highlight areas.

Though problem.


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