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Subject: Re: Color shift in ACR v3.3


Perhaps I haven't made clear what I am trying to accomplish here.
I am trying to find, if possible, a fix for the ACR problems I'm having in CS2.
I'm not looking to go back to CS. I only included the results
from ACR in CS as a comparison to what I was dealing with in ACR CS2.
BTW, ACR v2.0 works just fine in Photoshop CS2.

As for the controls in ACR, I DO know how to use ALL of them.
I haven't relied on default settings since I first started to learn
Photoshop back in version 4.

P.S. I currently work as a freelance retoucher, working with advertising
agencies and design firms. I also have more than 15 years experience as
a commercial photographer, catering to the same aforementioned clientele.
I'm not a newbie.

But thanks for the feedback.


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