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Subject: Re: Can I change the default tool selection?


I would never suggest making it an either/or change. I'm sure there are plenty of people who work they way you suggest and love they way it currently works. I don't. I was hoping to find that there's some little known key combo... or that one would be added... that allows a selection of files in Bridge to open into Camera Raw with all already selected. Maybe I'm missing something, but I never open a giant pile of files into Camera Raw at once and do different things to different files. It seems much simpler and efficient to select assorted files that need a similar edit from within Bridge rather than the column of images you get in Camera Raw; and only open files into Camera Raw that need the same edit. I can do basic edits before generating proofs from a large shoot very efficiently this way. I personally find zero use for opening multiple files in Camera Raw and then doing different things to different files. That being the case I sure would love being able to avoid hitting the select all button a few zill
ion times a day.



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Can I change the default tool selection? =>

Re: Can I change the default tool selection?

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