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Subject: Re: Can I change the default tool selection?

> And along the same lines.... if I select multiple files in Bridge and open
> them in Camera Raw with Command R, is it possible to have them all selected
> already without having to hit the "select all" button. If I'm opening multiple
> files, its because I want to do something to ALL of them. Why not make the
> default behavior be to have them all selected upon opening into Camera Raw.


That would be a bad move in my opinion because, more often than not, you
want to open multiple files but apply different settings. For example, open
10 files, apply one settings to 5 and apply another settings to the
remainder, or simply apply 10 different settings but don't want to have to
keep going back to Bridge to open them all one at a time. You might also
want to open 50, save 10 as TIFFs and export 40 to Photoshop in order to
manipulate them, etc, etc.

OTOH, changing the default tool is a good idea and has been requested a
number of times.



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