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Subject: Re: Camera Raw support for Nikon D200?

Personally, I'm chomping at the bit for ACR to release it's next version that will include support for the D200. Yes I realize that Adobe can not jump and do something at the drop of a hat to satisfy any particular brand users. However, as a Nikon shooter and Adobe ACR user, I have to say that I really like using ACR. It is my preferred converter. I migrated from the Kodak system (they knew how to make software - too bad they gave up on their cameras when they were probably 1 generation away from making a great camera) and find that ACR is very similar in speed and ease of use, and is better in many ways then Photodesk was. Most Nikon users agree that Nikon Capture....well sucks! That only lease us with Phase One and Bibble at the moment. While I am warming up to Bibble, it still isn't anywhere near as good a workflow as ACR (IMHO). Though I will look at it for tethered shooting (unless Bride and ACR expand into that area)

I think most writers here in this forum are in the same boat. They are not really upset with Adobe for not releasing the next ACR instantly when the D200 came out - but are really saying that thet hope it's soon because they really like ACR and want to be able to use it with their new camera.

Bruce www.impactphotographicdesign.com


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