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Subject: Re: Camera Raw support for Nikon D200?

Spencer, it is even worse than "2 huge global companies trying to release global products with time tables that cannot always be reconciled with another company". There are perhaps 50 companies with raw-handling products - perhaps 100 such products. They are all going through the same cycles! These discussions are taking place in many forums for many camera and many software products.

There is only one known solution to this. It is the same solution that allowed film-camera makers and film makers to avoid needing to synchronise with one-another. Or makers of computers with interface ports and makers of devices that plug into interface ports to avoid the need. Etc.

Use a common specification for the interface between the products of the various companies. (35mm film. USB 2.0. TIFF 6.0. JPEG. CompactFlash 3.0. And, of course, a common raw format).


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