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Subject: Re: Camera Raw support for Nikon D200?

Spencer, you said: "Really, following that logic, Nikon could just as easily been expected to wait to ship the D200 till ACR was ready with D200 support, and that doesnt make sense either".

Why doesn't it make sense? Turn it round the other way, and say "Nikon should have ensured that when the D200 shipped it would be supported by ACR and other major software products". That is PERFECT sense!

It wouldn't necessarily have made ANY difference to the launch and shipping date. It would "simply" have meant that Nikon's launch process took into account the workflows of the people they were selling the camera to. And then catered for that by working with the product suppliers to those workflows.

This is actually what many product launches across the planet do! A motor car manufacturer may ensure that tyres and spares are available from 3rd party suppliers - bt cooperating with them in advance. When Sony & Philips launched and shipped the CD system, at least there were a few (4?) CDs available, and many more followed rapidly. I doubt if many cameras use a new format of memory card and ship without ensuring that it is available. (Although I have read reports about D200 batteries ...!)

This is a matter of what Nikon consders to be important, and hence what they will work to achieve. They chose not to consider it important, and so it wasn't achieved. It could have been achieved, had they chosen that way.


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