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Subject: Re: Camera Raw support for Nikon D200?

Steve, software development takes time. Mind-boggling, gob-smacking amounts of time. Especially when you intend to ship to many thousands, or even millions, of people, and don't want all of them to ring your support line!

I'm certainly intrigued by the amount of time it is taking to get support for the D200 into a release of ACR. Not because I could ever have done better, (I used to help design complex computer systems, although not to do with digital imaging), but simply because there appears to be a bigger gap than for other important cameras in the past. (Still far shorter than some minority cameras, of course).

I suspect that the timing was just wrong. Given the necessary cycle time of software releases, I wonder whether Adobe got their D200(s) delivered at just the wrong time in their release cycle. But an alternative view is that Adobe subject camera support to more rigorous testing than other companies, because more people will be impacted. And, of course, Nikon has no such issues.

It is Nikon's fault that people are having to wait. If enough of their customers told them this was unacceptable, perhaps they would eventually change their ways. (Have you told Nikon that they need to change their ways?)


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