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Subject: Re: Camera Raw support for Nikon D200?

So far I've been playing with Bibble, C1-Pro, SilkyPix and Nikon's own
converter. While I agree that I prefer using Adobe's tools and work flow
I have not been seriously hindered in my work by it's absence. I'm also
learning about interesting (and useful) features in both C1-Pro and Nikon
Capture Editor that I was previously unaware of.

If I was a wedding photographer shooting 100's of RAW images that all
needed processing then I might be more inconvenienced. But my own commercial
work usually culminates in 'that one best shot' which is what I'm paid
for. Often the high quality JPG, which the D200 can produce at the same
time as the RAW, is just as good for the needs of the job. The RAW is
there as insurance against error/disaster, or for those images where something
can be done better using the RAW file.


I couldn't agree more with your post. However, for higher volume work Nikon Capture just doesn't work for me. It's too slow and the interface is cumbersome. Also, it does not integrate well into the Adobe Bridge-PS work flow. People say Nikon encrypts their data to sell NC, but the other side of the coin also applies: if you are heavily invested in NC (in terms of expertise and worklfow), it is harder to switch to Canon. :(

The ACR interface is simple and elegant, but yet powerful and flexible. This is not surprising since ACR was written by a programming genius, whereas NC was written by anonymous salary-men laboring under a medieval management system.

Capture 1 lacks PS integration and is too expensive for me. The Bibble plugin holds promise, but I keep coming back to ACR. Now if they would only support my camera! :)


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