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Subject: Re: Camera Raw support for Nikon D200?


I know nothing more than anyone else (except Adobe themselves) about when a D200 ACR update will arrive from Adobe.


I agree it's a bit frustrating. But I (we) knew this was going to be the case when I was lucky enough to buy one of the few D200's that were delivered here in Canada. Early adopters should get used to the inevitable disadvantages (ie: Where's that hardware driver that runs under Windows64!! - same picture..).

So far I've been playing with Bibble, C1-Pro, SilkyPix and Nikon's own converter. While I agree that I prefer using Adobe's tools and workflow I have not been seriously hindered in my work by it's absence. I'm also learning about interesting (and useful) features in both C1-Pro and Nikon Capture Editor that I was previously unaware of.

If I was a wedding photographer shooting 100's of RAW images that all needed processing then I might be more inconvenienced. But my own commercial work usually culminates in 'that one best shot' which is what I'm paid for. Often the high quality JPG, which the D200 can produce at the same time as the RAW, is just as good for the needs of the job. The RAW is there as insurance against error/disaster, or for those images where something can be done better using the RAW file.

Bottom line is that we'll obviously hear it 1st here. Meanwhile it's always exciting to see a new post to this thread because it just *might* be the one with the news that "We're there!" :-)



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Re: Camera Raw support for Nikon D200?

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