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Subject: Re: Camera Raw support for Nikon D200?

Sigh. There ARE problems with NC - like crashing computers and being slow - very slow. Very frustrating for me. As for Capture One I just tried it. Works fine except it too is very slow - like 26 seconds to convert a file that ACR used to convert in 7 seconds. The color also just isn't right! Sure, I could tweak it into compliance - but should I have to? Bibble still has the highlight retrieval color cast problem it has always had.

So that leaves us with the winner, Adobe Camera Raw, which won't work on D200 files yet. So how come Capture One, Bibble, and other 3rd party raw converters hit the market almost instantly and Adobe is nowhere in sight? This is a real problem for me as I hate to purchase inferior software only to dump it as soon as ACR supports the D200.

I assume this is because "someone" is on vacation (probably well deserved), but are there no others to take up the slack?


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