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Subject: Re: Camera Raw support for Nikon D200?

markey sparkey, you say "I have not seen any written information warning you that if you buy this camera you might not be able to open your raw files in what is the most widely used photo editing software".

Who would you expect to have published that information?

It is unreasonable to expect all companies with raw-handling software products to publish such information about their products every time a new camera is launched. Bibble didn't support it on day one, so do you believe they should have published a statement on day one saying so, then another later when they supported it? And so on for the other 50 or more raw-handling companies? So software products normally just say what they DO support, not what they don't.

Nikon were the ones in control of the launch and its accompanying published material. But Nikon didn't care about your problems.


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