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Subject: Re: Camera Raw support for Nikon D200?

Don't know anything about Bibble, but I have read good things about it.
Yes, they do support the Nikon D200 already. But their list of supported
cameras is not nearly as extensive as Adobe's. And they are concentrating,
as far as I can tell, on a product that is just one little part of what
Photoshop is all about. It seems that anyone who purchases a new camera
from any manufacturer expects Adobe to immediately support it, and I don't
believe that is reasonable or realistic. And I will bet that if Adobe
wanted to charge you $70 for Camera Raw we wouldn't hear the end of the

It's not reasonable or realistic to expect Adobe to immediately support all new cameras, but if you are serious about your photography and buy a new camera, you want to be able to use it with RAW capture. If Adobe doesn't support the camera, you may look elsewhere and they may lose your business. The Bibble plugin looks attractive, but who wants to learn a new program?

Adobe does provide ACR without additional charge, but each new release does require the current version of the hosting software (e.g. ACR 3.3 will not work with PSCS, only PSCSII). Some people may have to upgrade their hosting software to be able to use ACR, so it is really not entirely free. Of course if the current DNG converter does support your camera, you may go that route without upgrading ACR or the host.

It's about time Adobe, Nikon, and Canon stop playing chicken at the expense of their customers. Open and documented formats are the obvious answer, but the current lack of choices precludes the marketplace from exerting its influence.


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