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Subject: Re: Camera Raw support for Nikon D200?

barry e. adler ...

Think of the RAW file as a digital negative and think of the RAW converter
as a digital darkroom, e.g.,the enlarger that projects the negative onto
photographic paper.

off topic, but i'm not sure I'd catagorize it that way.
my own attempt at describing the processes are as follows:

1. raw file (NEF, DNG, etc) = exposure data
( lowest non-destructive denominator )
2. raw converter (NC, ACR, Bibble, etc) = image development
( developing technique)
3. image processor (PS, Elements, Painter, etc)
= pixel preperation for targeted output

in the restaurant biz, the analogy might be :

1. raw file = raw ingredients,
2. raw converter = cooking recipe, and
3. image processor = presentation

so many recipes .. so little time! :-)


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