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Subject: Re: Camera Raw support for Nikon D200?

Russell said: There's no difference (with proper settings) between TIFF,
PSD (Photoshop), PNG, GIF, BMP, RAW, and many other formats that offer
a means of saving image data in a 'lossless' fashion".

> Barry Clive Pearson replied: Not true. A raw file is processed in a non-reversible manner to get to TIFF (real name TIFF 6.0), or the others. TIFF does not "record all the original information".

Yes Barry, you're correct. I ddn't mean to suggest that camera original RAW did not contain a lot *more* information that is lost when processed/converted to an 8 or 16bit image. I was referring to saving bitmap images in Photoshop RAW format which is supposed to be lossless. I 've never really used it and have meanwhile learned that important header information is lost when saving in PRAW which creates serious problems when trying to re-open the file later. There are also other Photoshop 'Save As' lossless formats to choose from. But, except for EPS which I neglected to include, they're not commonly used.

If camera RAW images offered nothing better than a tiff then this whole thread would be moot...

I want my ACR D200 update !! - Whaaaaa ;-)



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