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Subject: Re: Camera Raw support for Nikon D200?

The expertise that Russell and others are willing to share on this site with those of us new to digital image processing is invaluable. And as a newcomer, I want to thank Russell and the others for taking their time to share this with us.

Inasmuch as I'll not soon (if ever) have anything useful to say to the experts, I thought I'd attempt to contribute, one neophyte to another (in response to the Markey Sparkey post regarding what a RAW converter can do). This may already be clear from Russell's response, or wrong, but for what it's worth here's what I've learned from my research (including but not limited to this site):

Think of the RAW file as a digital negative and think of the RAW converter as a digital darkroom, e.g.,the enlarger that projects the negative onto photographic paper. So if, for example, you wanted a dark image from a film negative, you'd expose the paper to the projected light from the enlarger for a longer time. A RAW converter can similarly set the darkness of the image that will appear (among other things). Think of Photoshop, by contrast, as a paintbrush that you'd use to touch up the print once it was processed in a darkroom. This is overly simplistic, I know, in dozens of ways, but it helped me and my hope is that will help other newcomers.


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