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Subject: Re: Camera Raw support for Nikon D200?


I agree with Nunatek and Jim. However, there is no need to spring for NC now, since Nikon cameras come with a 30 day trial of NC.

Certainly you can use jpegs for the time being. If Photoshop or elements is your primary software and you want to try RAW without learning a new interface, you can use the Nikon NEF plugin, which comes with Nikon View (both free). Another option is to have the camera save both NEFs and jpegs. Use the jpges now and then have the NEFs for later when ACR supports the camera.

I just got the D200 and hope ACR supports the camera ASAP, hopefully with the 3.4 release in January, but Adobe originally stated that the program would be updated 4 times per year or so and they are keeping this promise so I don't know what all the complaining is about.

I do have NC. It does a good job and has come capabilities that ACR lacks, such as automatic correction of light fall off (vignetting) with certain lenses that are in the NC data base. With ACR, one would have to apply a correction manually by eye. However, NC is very slow and I don't like its interface.

I like the PS-ACR work flow since I can make the most basic corrections from Bridge using the previews without even opening the files in PS and get good but not perfect images that can be fine tuned later. You can then use an action for mass conversion and saving in the final output format.

Bibble now has an ACR plugin. I downloaded the trial, but have not installed it yet. I don't really want to learn a new interface.


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