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Subject: Re: Camera Raw support for Nikon D200?

As far as software is concerned, I don't believe it is an either/or question. You talk about the time that you have to interest to learn software. Only you can decide whether it is worth your time to try to learn something new. I think the people at Adobe have been quite conscientious about extending the compatibility of Camera Raw. But if you must have RAW editing capabilities immediately then you will probably have to buy the Nikon software. I'm probably not as advanced of a user as you, but if I were buying the Nikon D200 I think I could devote a lot of time to shooting JPEG images and gaining a better understanding of the camera while I waited for Camera Raw to catch up. I seriously doubt it will be very far behind. I still feel that you might find some unique features in the Nikon software. Now, if that was a ridiculous answer just say so. I will be more than happy to drop out of the discussion.


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