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Subject: Re: Camera Raw support for Nikon D200?

Barry ...

As someone about to start with RAW images, and about to buy a D200, I'm
curious whether it makes sense to learn Adobe or Nikon.

in practice, many people use both. although i prefer Adobe products for 90% of my workflow, there are niches that can be better served by alternative solutions.

my view is NC is just another tool in the digital toolchest. it's product specific. it offers a specific solution to solve a very specific problem. which makes more sense? depends on your purpose.

NC is a very cost effective introduction into digital file processing. however it's a one trick pony and will not work on a variety of other digital media. PS-CS2 is more of an enterprise solution. it works with a broad array of source input, and is not limited to Nikon cameras. it also provides solutions to take your digital images beyond the inkjet printer and into the realm of multimedia, fine art, and high end press. it's not a trivial investment in time and/or $--although certainly less than a D200 + accessories-- but it prepares you for a broad array of challenges and encounters on the bigger digital racetrack.

what i'm getting at is that it's a little hard to threshold choices when your ambitions may be a moving target. perhaps you need to ask yourself what it is you are hoping to learn? do you currently use photoshop? is photography your profession or your hobby? i don't think it's possible to offer counsel until you know where you're going take this yourself. in the meantime, do not be afraid to embrace one, both, or neither.


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