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Subject: Re: Camera Raw support for Nikon D200?

I did and 3.0 GB is utilised on my Mac. And on Windows it depends on your flavour of XP. XP64 bit being better than other versions.

Also instead of bleating about Adobe being the evil company for not supporting DNG, try reading up on it. You will find that because of their creation of DNG, cameras are supported that the manufacturers no longer support, the Canon D30 for example. ACR/DNG also has the most comprehensive support of RAW formats of any GUI based software.

If manufacturers such as Canon and Nikon were really interested in longevity and archiving they too would support and develop DNG. So complain to them. Adobe have openly documented the format and have said they are willing to turn it over to standards body. Hardly the actions of a company determined to destroy you way of life!!!


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