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Subject: Re: Camera Raw support for Nikon D200?

Garry, DNG was launched 15 months ago. It is supported in some way by perhaps 100 products of various kinds worldwide, which is very fast take-up for a new specification:

User-demand will probably play a role in adoption by the camera manufacturers. Nikon's users appear to follow "the Nikon line" to a greater extent than users of other cameras. When there was the problem with the encrypted white balance of the D2X, many people in Nikon forums blamed Adobe for the fuss, not Nikon.

The problem DOES lie with the camera manufacturers. Do you want the same problem to occur when Nikon launch their D250? Their D2000? Their D2000000? They can stop causing you this problem with any future model they choose. And so could "anyone" else with sufficient programming skills. Unless there is something unusual about the D200, "anyone" (including Nikon) could write a DNG converter for the D200, and it would be supported by existing ACRs from 2.4 onwards.

And ponder this - will people stop buying Photoshop, the most comprehensive photo-editor around, because a free plug-in (called ACR) doesn't immediately support new cameras? People still buy Photoshop even if they use other raw converters.


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