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Subject: Re: Camera Raw support for Nikon D200?

Steve: this is not about politics and marketing. It is about engineering. And the camera manufacturers are guilty of imposing shoddy engineering practices on their customers. They are doing so despite knowing exactly how they could treat their customers better.

Perhaps they are opposing the software companies such as Adobe that you expect to clear up after them. Perhaps they simply don't care. Perhaps they are too self-focussed to think about what they are doing.

If Adobe tell people that their products support the D200, and then those products don't, then those people should take Adobe to court. Did Adobe tell anyone this? (If not, why does anyone assume that those products will? Ever?)

If people buy the D200 assuming that Adobe supports it, without checking first, who is to blame? Do those buyers blame every company that doesn't in some way support the D200? Is every company expected to crawl around after Nikon and adapt without notice to what they do? If they release a camera that has a different tripod thread, is Manfrotto expected to cater for it immediately? If they release a camera that needs a different memory card, would people blame Sandisk and Lexar? If their lens mount changes, is Sigma immediately to blame if they don't support it?

Nikon must be laughing! They can punch their customers on the nose, and those customers blame Adobe for their pain! Why should Nikon ever stop punching their customers on the nose?


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