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Subject: Re: Camera Raw support for Nikon D200?

nunatak...Gary is indeed entitled to his opinion regardless of how wrong-headed it is...he has no clue WHY Adobe developed DNG and has bought into the Nikon brain-wash. He's also technically wrong regarding the whole 4 gig limit to applications since he doesn't understand the current limits bound by the os's-both OS X and Win XP have system limits of 4 gigs-OS X and CS2 can use about 3.5 gigs while Win XP is hard limited to 2 gigs unless you alter the registry with the 3 gig switch-but is still limited to 3 gigs. He's under the mistaken impression and application could actually do something about that-which is flat out wrong.

The fact he doesn't have a lue about the ram limits of the os and applications sheds some real doubt on the rest of his post IMHO


Garry, ya might want to check your facts on all the subjects in your post-at least some (if not all) are flat out wrong. Opinions are not facts. It's ALL ABOUT the camera companies not cooperating.


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