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Subject: Re: Camera Raw support for Nikon D200?

Garry, the entire mess about raw formats and the need to reverse-engineer them is a problem caused by the camera manufacturers for photographers. Reverse-engineering on a "routine" basis is shoddy engineering, and a sign of the immaturity of the digital imaging industry.

People were complaining about the time it took for software vendors to catch up with new raw formats before DNG was launched. I don't believe Adobe have put Nikon to the back of the queue. Looking at things from a user of a "minority" camera, (Pentax in my case), Canon and Nikon always appear to get priority, and I can't really blame Adobe for that.

(I doubt if I will ever buy a camera until I can obtain DNG directly from the memory card, either because the camera supports it or because a DNG Converter is available. I have standardised on a DNG-based workflow, just as much because of the use of XMP as DNG).


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