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Subject: Re: Camera Raw support for Nikon D200?

Is has nothing to do with the camera manufactures not cooperating. It is about Adobe starting this DNG format with some camera manufactures to try and start a "NEW" standard in digital RAW format that they can control, and because Nikon would not buy into there plan, they get put to the back of the bus. They should be putting more effort into supporting what is out there now. You are talking about a company, Adobe, that still has not come out with a version of Photoshop that supports more than 2 GB of RAM, when there are both MAC and PC systems that support well over 4 GB. Save yourself some headache, spend the $99 and buy Nikon Capture. I will do a much better job at processing NEF files. I have done a number of tests with D1X, D2X, D70 and D2h images and found that the CS2 plugin actually added noise into the images that I processed. I also got much better color with Nikon Capture thatn I did with theCS2 plugin. The Abobe RAW plugin is designed to work with many different camera brands, it actually over pr
ocesses many images. I can't speek for the RAW software that Canon uses for thier RAW images, but Nikon Capture is a pretty imressive piece of software.


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Re: Camera Raw support for Nikon D200?

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