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Subject: Re: Camera Raw support for Nikon D200?

zeb ...

Not anymore.

you'll need to cite your sources or reference. as of December 14, 2005 -- the NC 4.4.1 installer still places the nikon NEF plug-in into CS2.

robert ...

Can the new Nikon Capture 4.4 be downloaded as plug-in to Photoshop, and
service the same purpose?

if you own NC, you can install the most recent upgrade which offers limited D200 support in Photoshop. this plug-in is no replacement for ACR. nikon's "plug-in" will only facilitate very limited processing.

Or do I just have to wait for the Adobe ...

you'll need to wait for "the Adobe". my own feeling is that you probably won't have to wait too long. :-) adobe will not comment on the issue until they're ready to release support.

if you absolutely need to process D200 NEF's -- right NOW-- install the free 30 day trial version of NC or other third party processors. it'll give you the chance to compare the difference in processors.


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