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Subject: Re: Camera Raw support for Nikon D200?

Steve, it may not matter to YOU what the working issues are. But it matters when trying to solve this problem. It matters when the NEXT camera is launched, and isn't immediately supported by software tools.

This problem was caused by Nikon. Not even partially by Adobe, or anyone else. Solely by NIKON.

Nikon could have made a development decision which would have prevented this problem even being raised. They could have released a camera whose raw files would even have been handled by people using Photoshop CS, without those people even needing to take an upgrade. Nikon chose not to.

Until people realise where the blame lies, attention will keep getting diverted to companies that are simply trying to clear up the mess afterwards. Such as Adobe. (If Nikon had their way, perhaps Adobe would NEVER support the D200!)


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