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Subject: Re: Camera Raw support for Nikon D200?

ray ...

in a pre-emptive attempt to head off early adopter frustration and nudge development for D200 support, i already started a D200 thread in late october here

as Barry pointed out earlier, if nikon were to co-operate by supplying raw files in DNG format -- there would be no wait. as it stands, ADOBE needs to acquire a D200 with the final production firmware, engineer a solution, build it into their development cycle, and QA it before the next release date. keep in mind that as of this date, the D200 hasn't even been released.

furthermore, nikon has encrypted the WB data in their last few DSLR's and there is no reason to expect differently for the D200. if so, ADOBE must rely on a nikon SDK to decrypt the WB data for your use. hopefully nikon has been more proactive in this regard and worked with ADOBE to accelerate a solution.

on the encouraging side ... ADOBE was offered an early opportunity to review sample RAW files from the D200, so my guess is that some preliminary work has already started. it's my hope that the D200 will be supported --at least unoffically--before the current beta version of ACR expires.

in the thread linked above, i noted that ADOBE's marketing arm has offered a special rebate for CS2 with the D200 at some retail locations. It would therefore be a bit contradictory not to have D200 support in place some time real soon. keep in mind that ADOBE marketing and ADOBE engineering may not always be on the same page when it comes to these overlapping issues. caveat emptor .. and remember to cut the ADOBE engineers a little slack. for the most part they're doing a great job under less than optimal conditions! :-)


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