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Subject: Re: Camera Raw Post-Conversion Features

jdenney, I don't mean do some work in Photoshop then take the result back to ACR. That can't be done.

What I meant was that sometimes, when I have seen the results on Photoshop, I think I could have done better in ACR. So I just go back to the raw file, (DNG in my case), and run ACR again. It starts with the settings and edits I last saved, because they are held as XMP metadata. But I can alter any of them.

I have found that by cropping & aligning in ACR, when I redo other things in ACR and reconvert, the result is typically ready to put into the Photoshop (PSD) file I have been working on as a new layer. It is already the correct size, so all the pixels are in the right place (sort of).

Consider this photo. (Please excuse the poor conversion for the web - the PSD was done for a club print competition and I have just hastily put a small JPEG version temporarily on the web for illustration):

The eye wasn't like that in the original raw! I selected it in Photoshop and added a B/C adjustment layer (+80 +80) and a H/S adjustment layer (0 +30 0). Then I decided that all the colours were wrong. I went back to the original in ACR and changed (just) the WB. Then, when I reconverted, I just replaced the original PSD background with the new version, which was the right size because I had done the cropping in ACR, and the selection and hence the eye improvement still worked.

What I really did was some non-destructive editing in ACR. A non-reversible conversion to PSD. Some non-destructive editing in Photoshop. Then I repeated part of this process. But there are limits!

I prefer to do sharpening in Photoshop. One reason is that, as in this case, the images often have multiple uses. The print was on A3 paper. The web version has at most only 1/7th of the original pixels, and when I eventually do it properly it will need different sharpening. (And I've tended to do high-pass sharpening for printing, and USM for the web. But that may change, after I've done some experiments).


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