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Subject: Re: Camera Raw Post-Conversion Features

If you take the definition of non-destructive as "the original can be reconstructed from the TIFF," then as Ramon points out, all the edits in ACR are destructive. You can't reconstruct a camera mosaic from a rendered image.

However, all the edits in Camera Raw leave the original raw file unchanged, which I believe you'll find is a more widespread definition of "non-destructive."

The only things I don't do in camera raw are sharpening, and for high (?800) ISO images, noise reduction (I use Noise Ninja).

Specifically, there are significant advantages to tweaking ACR's curve to get you as close as possible before the conversion, because you lose fewer bits tweaking ACR's curve (which operates on top of ACR's sliders to shape the conversion from linear to gamma-corrected space) than you do tweaking the already-rendered bits in Photoshop.


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