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Subject: Re: Camera Raw Post-Conversion Features

michael, you asked about rotation.

I have found it useful to do cropping and rotation in ACR. Apart from being non-destructive and showing better thumbnails in Bridge, it makes it easier to re-do the conversion after doing some Photoshop work.

For example, if you have added some adjustment layers in Photoshop which used selections, etc, and decide you got the white balance wrong, then instead of trying to change it in Photoshop, (which can't really be done), you can re-do the conversion in ACR. Then when you open the re-done version in Photoshop, you can just copy it under the adjustment layers, and it will fit.

(Obviously, there is a limit, for example once you have done something desctructive in Photoshop. But it has saved me a bit of time sometimes).


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