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Subject: Re: Camera Raw - "Operation could not be completed" message

This is a completely standard install of XP Home(as far as I know - and I did buy the computer from new, and performed the XP activation personally).

Is there anything I can run (as a diagnostic) that would tell me if I've got some customer software installed for system file dialogs? I would be very happy to run any and all diagnostics.

My confusion is caused by every other application on the PC working fine (including Photoshop CS2 and Bridge) - it is only Camera Raw that exhibits this behaviour. I could understand an operating system problem if any other application had the same problem, but nothing else seems to have the problem on the PC.

Is Camera Raw a Java application? Maybe this could be something to do with it. I confess that I don't think anything else on my PC that's Java has a file / directory selector feature. So (says I clutching at straws) it could be something to do with Java maybe????

This is just an idea - I'm completely baffled.


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