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Subject: Re: + Camera Raw Feature Requests +

Here's my wish list:

0) Perspective correction tool

1) The ability to easily store and switch between multiple sets of settings for the same image. Great, for example, to choose between different 'looks' or to have a color and B&W version of the same image.

2) A luminance curve tool that does not have a side-effect on saturation (see the long thread on color reproduction in digital photography)

3) A two-dimensional color wheel for white balance fine-tuning. This is much more intuitive for the final WB-tweaks than switching back and forth between two sliders.

4) Per-ISO presets, a-la RawShooter. High-ISO files take less sharpening and need more noise reduction by default.

5) Instant 100% zoom tool as in Apple's Aperture and RawShooter Premium.

6) Slightly more control over the sharpening algorithm. Smart sharpening (deconvolution) would be nice.

7) More control over the trade-off between detail extraction and artefacts (as in RawShooter). Especially convenient in combination with (4).



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