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Subject: Re: + Camera Raw Feature Requests +

I've been looking at the features provided by recent products, Apple's Aperture and Light Crafts' Light Zone. It would not be useful to say "please put into Bridge + ACR everything they provide". (I wish ...!)

So I've tried to constrain my list to those features that I would use on average at least once per week, sometimes nearly every day, based on my recent use of all the components of Photoshop CS2. Plus one more feature.

1. "Spot". A simple equivalent of the Spot Healing Brush, implemented in ACR in a non-destructive way. A way to remove simple blemishes while still working at the raw stage.

2. "Patch". A simple equivalent of Clone, or perhaps the Healing Brush, implemented in a non-destructive way. Ideally allowing overlapping areas, but an earlier version without overlapping areas would be good.

3. "Printing". A simple way of doing test prints from Bridge+ACR without having to go through Photoshop just to call the printer driver. Combined with "1" and "2", I would get a lot of my test prints done in a very efficient way.

Plus one:

4. "Red eye reduction". I rarely use on-camera flash, so this isn't often a problem. But neither is it hard, and Nikon Capture and Aperture support it in a non-destructive way. Just a simple version, using the basic Photoshop parameters - pupil size & darken amount.


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