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Subject: Re: + Camera Raw Feature Requests +

> incidentally, DxO offers such a database--albeit limited to the lenses and
> samples they've tested. it would be helpful to integrate their database with
> ACR--perhaps as an extension or plug-in.

Not sure if a database is needed to counter chromatic aberration. I did some
shots recently of the London Eye with the Fuji S2 (Google if you want to
know what I'm talking about).

The CA was so bad around the spokes that I was seriously thinking of
changing to a 35mm censor camera! However, out of curiosity, I processed the
same images in the Fuji software, which I had retired ages ago, and to my
amazement there was zero CA. Unfortunately, as quite a few of the shots were
strongly back or side lit, the sky was either burned out or shadows crushed
to death and so the processed images were next to useless (the software has
other problems too).

From that little experience, it would *appear* CA can be corrected without
recourse to a lens databases. If that is true, then an auto Correct
Chromatic Aberration option in ACR that you can use on a per image basis or
include as a default would the ideal solution.



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