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Subject: Re: + Camera Raw Feature Requests +

What I meant with database is the possibility to built your own database, I think there is no need for Adobe providing the lens data, there will be enough enthusiasts out there willing to share the lens data they found out.

Right now you can save your lens settings for vignetting, abberations etc, but it's at rather time consuming process to use them:
-open up the image in ACR
-checking the data (focal length, aperture etc) in the title bar, at the same time trying to remember which lense you used (if you have several lenses covering the same focal length)
-loading the settings file
-start working with you image

If there is no lense data available in the EXIF-data the focal length can be used at least to match with a (user-defined) list of favourite lenses (mostly the lenses you own). If the focal length is covered by several lenses, ACR could ask you: "Which lense have you used for this image?"



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