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Subject: Re: + Camera Raw Feature Requests +

barry ..

I sometimes detect a "closing of ranks" when someone requests something
a bit out of the ordinary.

only sometimes? :-)

that's an honest observation, but imho fair sport. a "little bit" of peer pressure helps people strengthen their ideas before formulating their thesis. outside of an insulated think-tank, brain storming session, or design process -- if one isn't comfortable enough to defend their proposition it rapidly falls back down to the bottom of the pickle barrel. we live in a world of competing priorities and only the most resilient of ideas put forth stand the scrutiny of time.

eye believe it twas back in sociology 101, where one of my profs use to drill her own observations into us:

1. "new ideas" which conflict with the norm are at first ridiculed.
2. if adopted by a critical mass of peers-- "they" become skeptically acknowledged.
3. finally, "they" become so commonplace that the same people which had at first ridiculed them now claim they were obvious to begin with.

it reminds me of the JPEG vs. RAW debates that went around the web. it was less than a couple of years back-- yet today no one would think to argue that JPEGs provide the same quality of output as RAW files.


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