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Subject: Re: + Camera Raw Feature Requests +


In addition to the ACR automatic settings, there should be another one
making the picture look exactly like the JPG from the camera the picture
comes from.

You can play with the controls and then save the settings just the way you like them. To emulate Canon's in camera raw-to-JPEG conversion, just play with the sliders to generate an over-sharpened, over-contrasty, over-saturated image, and compress the low end of the curve in order to hide the noise in that range. That's what Canon does with its JPEGs. You can save them with whatever name appeals to you, including "Default".

One of the "curves" I have saved I just named "Let_it_be", because it essentially leaves everything flat. If I don't like ACR's interpretation of a RAW file, I just apply that "Let_it_be" settings and go from there.

Alternatively, if you like the Canon JPEG look, you could just shoot JPEGs and save a chunk of money in CF cards and storage space. :)

It is not ACR's goal to emulate either your in-camera JPEGs nor the conversions performed by your camera maker's software.

On my 350D I have the different parameter sets controlling Contrast, Sharpness,

All those settings you adjust in your camera are irrelevant when you shoot RAW. They only apply to TIFFs and JPEGs.

Add-on 2

No comment. The answer is implicit in the above.


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