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Subject: Re: + Camera Raw Feature Requests +

I'd like to support the concept of pushing ACR towards being a complete image processing solution for photographers. I'm not talking about a saving money thing (I don't mind if it comes bundled with PS), I'm thinking about workflow and archiving. It would be a king-hit IMO. I really like the idea of staying in the linear data format as long as possible. To that end I would like to add to the above list:

1. Being able to simply store multiple processing runs with different processing values for individual images. To a large extent I already do this by manipulating xmp sidecars, having multiple sidecars per image, but building it in would probably be even better (for me keeping things as xmp data rather than saving the 5x larger tiff is enormously attractive).

2. Now something of a leap, what about linear layer masks to attach to raw images. This might seem mad but a linear mask of an image in most cases is closely equivalent to the image itself, it might be possible to store the mask as a series of standard commands also in the xmp sidecar (find edges, Gaussian blur X, saturation -100, contrast +80). So, in line with 1, from a data retrieval perspective, the mask becomes just another set of processing run data with just a few more instructions built in.

Put these two together and you could have the equivalent to a 300 Mb multilayer tiff stored as a 10Mb raw file with one or more 4 Kb sidecars. To push the point, this is not just archiving, it is workflow and file organisation.

3. Another step further would be to encourage / help plug-in makers to develop plugins at the linear / ACR level - I am particularly thinking of noise reduction and sharpening.

LOL, just a few ideas

Andrew Hall


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