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Subject: Re: + Camera Raw Feature Requests +

My 2 US cents (1.6 Eurocents?) ..

1. For the cancel warning, use the image counter and show dialog only if > one (or insert favorite warning threshold) images are being cancelled.

2. A way to quickly display the non-processed histogram of the raw file "As Shot". Is this the same as displaying with every slider set to 0, the curve to linear and the WB set to "As Shot" (I'm still confused why it doesn't display the original camera-selected WB setting for reference :-)?

3. A way to display individual channel histograms (checkmarks next to each R-G-B reading above the graph?). My simple brain gets overwhelmed by the integrated display after a while when detailed analysis is required.

4. Adding an EXIF user comment to the actual RAW file, to multiple selected files. This could also be applicable to the Bridge app. I use this to add lens information for non-Canon lenses to my Canon body, which is most of the time. I currently use Canon's Zoom Browser app to do this but it's a very tedious part of the workflow.

5. Moveable toolbox - it would be nice to at least be able to position it next to the preview checkmarks. I use 1792x1344 on each monitor and constantly moving the mouse from one end to the other gets tiring :-).

6. Center the display on the pointer when using the mouse menu to switch magnification.

7. A way to quickly save and recall multiple settings for the current image. One example would add a section between the histogram and the settings. It has (left-to-right) a recall button, a dropdown with "---", "One", Two", etc., an increment button (increments the dropdown to the next saved), a decrement button, and a save button. Buttons are individually disabled when not applicable.

Don't you just love it when people come up with ludicrous "Great Ideas" for somebody else to work on :-)? Cheers!



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