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Subject: Re: + Camera Raw Feature Requests +

I suppose it's stupidly simple, but I've just been doing detailed corrections in ACR on over 400 images from a theatre shoot and stupidly hit Cancel. So I lost a couple of hours work, when what I really meant to do was simply to cancel changes on one image.

Is there a sensible way of reducing the risk? Current thoughts are:

- to have a counter of the images currently open in ACR and then re-label the button to "Cancel changes to x images"
- to have a "do you really want to cancel the changes on X images" as a default pop-up

I suppose, the same thing could apply to the rather ambiguous "done". Done what I ask? How about "Apply changes to all images"

I think this would have helped me + it would be more consistent with the Save and Open issues.

Otherwise thanks for a wonderful tool


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