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Subject: Re: + Camera Raw Feature Requests +

I want to put my vote in for a shadow/highlights type feature in ACR.

With the RAW improvements in CS2 (specifically crop, rotate and curves), there are now a high percentage of my images that I can finish without going into PS. When that happens, that's a HUGE productivity improvements for my workflow. If I can finish most of the images in ACR and then just run image processor to make JPEGs from the RAWs, it saves soooo much time and storage.

But, I find that there are a tremendous number of outdoor direct sunlight images that benefit from a little shadow/highlights. Since I can't do that in ACR, I have to bring my images into PS to do it. It really slows down my workflow. Double the image files to deal with. Assigning new filenames to each one. Double the storage. It's doable, but soooo much less efficient than if I had that one function in ACR.

Before I get a ton of emails about how shadow/highlights isn't a normal image transformation feature like a curve or even an exposure adjustment. Heck, it isn't even available in an adjustment layer in PS yet. But, I expect that Adobe could solve that problem if they really wanted to. It's certainly doable - the technical problem is just figuring out how to make it fast enough to work like an adjustment layer without actually batch modifying the stored date and saving the result (like most filters do).



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