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Subject: Re: + Camera Raw Feature Requests +

I am extremely pleased with ACR, and the subtle UI - I keep discovering hidden gems. I come from a nikon capture background and appreciate an app that always works, and works fast.

One feature (pioneered?) in NC is a more powerful curves tool, that features a dynamic histogram. There is one curve control for RGB and another for LCH. Each curve tool combines the capabilities of the photoshop curve and levels tools, and work on individual and combined channels. The Chroma and Hue channel tools are very effective for making subtle precise adjustments. I find this very useful. As mentioned by freelancer, a LAB curve would also be nice.

Perhaps this is already possible and I am unaware of how to do it, but while making edits, I would like to be able to save the current state, other than by saving all the settings to file, so I can return to that point if the adjustments do not work out. A multi-undo would also work.

I would like to be able to toggle between the current magnification and 100% with a single keystroke and a single mouse click, rather than the alt-ctl-0 or double mouse click, as I do this all the time.

Thomas - thanks for this awesome software - Rory.


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