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Subject: Re: + Camera Raw Feature Requests +

It would be great if the lens manufacturers would provide this information.

it certainly would. but I expect a public database of lens attributes to be collected and published before camera and lens manufacturers go out of their way to advertise some of their less than ideal qualities. ideally, for the photographer, your RAW editor would relay any XML data to a web site that looks up and verifies information about that specific lens. it may be information relating to known abberations, distortions, sharpness, age, and vignetting. the raw editor would then automatically fill in the blanks just like music CD's are catalogued on your computer.

the technology to do this cost-effectively has come out of the lab. there may be hope for the future ... :-)

I am currently building a list of vignetting amount and midpoint values
for various apertures and focal lengths for my lenses.

that's kewl. incidentally, this may differ for each camera model the lens is applied to --which would make it at least a 3D array, and possibly each lens revision --which would make it 4D.


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